After living in the UK for 30 years and had never made any Malaysian cakes before,at the age of 60, I will attempt to make my favourite cakes with a guide book from Malaysian Cakes and Desserts booklet by Rohani Jelani. I have added another book Malay Kuih by Norzailina Nordin as a guide to my cake making.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Serimuka (Rice and Coconut Custard Slices)

Serimuka the glutinous rice cake with green custardy top is my favourite. When I was a young girl mum used to make it regularly and she made the top quite runny - it was lipsmacking delicious!

What I need to make this cake for the Rice Layer:
300 gm uncooked glutinous rice
200 ml thin coconut milk
1 teaspoon salt
1 pandanus leaf

What I need for the Custard Layer:
3 medium eggs
200 ml coconut milk
180 gm sugar
100 ml Pandanus Juice
4 teaspoon cornflour
2 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon plain flour.

I choose to make my first cake on my day off  so that I have all the time in the world to correct it should disaster occurred.

Wednesday Night
 I started soaking the uncooked glutinous rice after giving it a rinse. The packet says rinse once but I found that once is not enough. It was not clear whether I should leave the soaking rice in the fridge or at room temperature. In London I am used to leave things at room temperature and so following my instinct that's what I did.

Thursday Morning
I discovered leaving the rice soaking overnight at room temperature was not a good idea because the grains have become so swollen and water tend to be a bit bubbly. After copious rinse the rice was drained and placed in a shallow round tin (the loyang which I took from my sister's home in Muar the previous week).

I am suppose to mix the coconut milk and salt together and add this to the rice however I substitute the coconut milk with dry milk powder mixed with warm water instead (I am a little concern about excessive cholesterol floating in my blood and always trying to safeguard my heart). I poured the milk mixture with the salt and a few drops of pandan essence into the rice and placed the tray  on a boiling wok and covered it with a lid so that the steam does not escape.
After 25 minutes (the advise is 20 - 30 minutes) I found my rice was cooked and can only managed to fluff it slightly. There was one thing that I didn't do was to press the rice down to form an even, compact layer. This is because I was not keen to have solid glutenous rice like sushi however I did steam it for a further 15 minutes as per instruction in the book.

While the rice continues it steaming process I started preparing for the custard layer. For this I actually prepared the pandan juice from scratch by using my blender which made such a noise that my husband was worried the neighbours might complain (as it turn out to be, the worrying was unjustified).
I combined 3 eggs, plus another one for extra luck, with sugar and milk in a bowl and whisked it until the sugar dissolved. Then I added the pandan juice, cornflour and a little plain flour stirring all the time until smooth. Then the mixture  was strained to remove any lumps before it was placed into a heatproof bowl and set over a pan of gently simmering water. (This I knew what to do because I am used to making custard dessert for the kids) When the custard was about to set I poured it over the Rice Layer and continue to steam over a gentle heat - so I thought. You see my gas cooker will not cooperate because it kept blowing off, if it is set too low. So I made a decision to leave the steam do the steaming at whatever degree of heat but cut down the time from 25 minutes to 15 minutes.
When the time was up I opened the steamer lid and was very pleased with my 1st attempt. The custard layer did not look green like the picture but it tasted very nice and quite soft.

Friday Morning
Great success. Dr Maryati, Alina, Myla and Azizah loved my Serimuka. The feed back I got was not to leave the cake in the fridge overnight as it tend to harden the Rice Layer and it was requested that the Custard Layer should be thicker if I want to try it again next time ( I knew I should have bought a small 8 inch cake tin).

What's next?
I may try something with Large Sago pearls which was a gift from Alina's mum.Wait and see...

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alina said...

that day i was working in the evening shift.....when i arrive i have been looking for sis kay...but untie Azizah said sis kay not around because her car is broken but she left the something for us.erm...sound interesting,I went to the pantry and I see "the yummy SERI MUKA".the test is so nice.Menu for my Hi-tea that day....Thanks sis kay...i really love it sooo much....